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Friday, 19 October 2012

I yank my hand free. 
‘So you’re up for the round shoulder trip eh! This time I won’t be so gentle.’
The actor throws back his head and laughs.  It’s an attractive laugh, deep, strong and
sexy, just like him. God I’m pathetic. 
‘I don’t bite my nails. I keep them short so not to cause any undue harm to my treasured work 
colleagues. Wouldn’t want to scratch their scrotums now would I?’  I throw a look at Luke for 
‘And very wise too,’ Luke responds swiftly.   ‘We all know just how harmful female nails can 
be on the jiggley bits.’
Alex barks out an almighty guffaw.  It’s evident he shares the same juvenile humour as Luke.  Might as well be in the prep room of a public boys school.  I glare at them both but it has no visible effect, Sam just offers me a sympathetic “boys will be boys” shrug of the shoulders. 
‘I bet that's the first time a woman has swept you off your feet,’ Luke sniggers.

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