Friday, 19 October 2012

Two household names that most women aren't adverse to;) I wonder what he'll do for No. 19
... Maybe a dance in Kylie- style hot-pants... maybe more;)
Now that's a commercial that wouldn't get the slightest panning
and would be most probably the most watched on 'YouTube' ever not to mention how many likes FB could get in one hour of airing! (Brad's a bit stilted, get him in the action)
C'mon Chanel give us what we want, you can even make the hot-pants woollen 'haute couture' chequered in style, that way he'll have to take them off, revealing a starry diamond golden thong?
I don't know why "Chanel" don't give me the accessories division, the idea's are rolling off quicker than a merchandisers Disney moment!!!
BTW Chanel please feel free to contact me, I like bags, shoes, clothes, perfume, make-up...DIAMONDS. If you feel like a David Brent presentation, I'm your girl in the jersey sports jacket with the obligatory 2 strands of long flowing pearls of merchandising wisdom;) Scared? No not the great house of Chanel... surely?!!! I Dare you, I very dare you:))))

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