France V Britain - Not Napoleonic War but Food?

Monday, 22 October 2012

This has long been a hot bed of contention, who's food is better? Who's chef's are cooler? Having been in Paris last year and eaten at a famous 'Michelin Chef's' restaurant where I can only describe it as abysmal with a hefty price tag, if I can cook better myself then that's pretty terrible, my dinner companion sent back the main and so did a party of French and American's. Honestly I'd never seen such an exodus of main dishes going back to the kitchen in one go.
( I won't name names in fear of liable, slander or all things nasty launching at me with the momentum of furious frogs leaping;)
So putting this down to bad luck try another highly recommended restaurant, equally as shocking as the first and so pricey, the French are slow to adopt changes to their cuisine, so I took a squirmy delight in reading this article;)
Being English born I feel I'm qualified to comment on this, we were brought up with foods of the world, thank heavens. I think you have more diversity in the UK than anywhere else in the world, literally anything goes. But what's ironic here, the best French Chef's are in the UK already enjoying their culinary freedom, I once had dinner here (not paid for by me!) I hope to go back it was just amazing, wonderful, exquisite and yummmmy. If you want the best of French cuisine go to London!
Invitations for Le Gavroche are welcome Monsieur Roux, I can write articles every week for you but of course one must come and taste that tasting menu... BEST Soufflé Suissesse EVER
Maybe the fact that British cuisine was poor (but look at Heston's historical food revivals they're pretty darn hot) maybe that's why as a nation we looked elsewhere for inspiration! Viva la Vindaloo!

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