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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Hallo All,
It's a mid week race with rankings. MUOM & FL still hanging in their respective brackets, just need that extra push to move on up women's fiction.
But guys you're welcome to join the cause... c'mon we all know you like a bit of love and sequins!
You might get a few hints on how to be romantic without seeming too crass. Excellent advice can be found within the pages of the books, springs off the pages to be precise, helps avoid your usual precipitous tactics that result in snubs, frying pan tennis and sofa-bed arrangements - where you and your refused gift offerings inevitably end up!!! Your pillow lumpy and rustling, well it is a bag of disregarded tawdry manufactured red atrocities.  Ladies just make them read it! Gift it to their kindles, I-pads etc marked with... For your Inspiration Darling! If you get anywhere near this the you can get.... to be cont!
Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #217 Paid in Kindle Store 
Fighting Love
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