Excerpt From 'Moving Up On Manolo's'

Monday, 8 October 2012

To give a little cheer on this rainy Monday morning...  Jane's arrival

My face is burning with mortification but I’m ok. I’m not face down on the carousel. 
            ‘Thank you so much.’ I look up and my gaze is instantly drawn to two very bushy eyebrows.
            ‘You’re very welcome.’  The voice booms.
            I know it is rude to stare but I can’t help it. His eyebrows are thick and black and really bushy; like a pair of black furry caterpillars having a standoff, completely at odds with the thick white head of hair.
            ‘Heels,’ I say, hoping this is enough explanation. He seems to understand.
            ‘Lovely,’ he replies.
            I let out a grateful laugh. ‘When I think what could have happened had you not…’ I shudder, ‘actually it doesn’t bear thinking about.’
            An image of myself sprawled out across the carousel pops vividly into my head.
            ‘It isn’t every day I get to help a damsel in distress.’

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