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Nina Whyle’s #SummerReading Giveaway

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After basking in the glorious weather the UK’s enjoyed recently, Nina Whyle, one of BestChickLit’s favourite authors, has gone a little giveaway crazy. She’s decided to celebrate the hot summer months by giving one lucky reader ecopies of each of her smash hit books.
And what do you have to do to land this awesome prize? It’s simple. We want your #SummerReading pictures! Grab a book, get out in the sunshine and get snapping. Pose with a refreshing glass of Pimms, laying on the beach, on a picnic or any random place where the sun is shining.
 Nina and the rest of the BestChickLit team are kicking off the proceedings with our very own pictures and you can send yours in to either or via our Facebook and Twitter pages using the hashtag #SummerReading.
Nina- mojito
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So we’ve shown you ours, now we want to see yours!
We want to see which books you’re reading in the garden, the park, on holiday and even on your summer time work commute. Get your kids involved, colleagues and anyone else you can wrangle into your snap. We’ll give you a shout out on FB and Twitter and enter you into the draw to win eCopies ofFighting LoveMoving Up On Manolos and When Life Goes Pop.
If you’re impatient like us though, you can grab the books now and find out more info via the links below
A Little Note from Nina: 
Where to start? Always a difficult question. I’ve been writing stories from the moment my trusty creaking second hand typewriter entered my bedroom, although my protagonists have changed somewhat – from rusty keys which held passage to magical mazes to hunky delicious specimens of the male species. I just don’t think the rusty keys are cutting it in the realms of romance! (No pun intended) Primary school reports indicated a tendency to fantasise. Nina’s a chatty girl and is a bit of a day dreamer if near a window, so we’ve move her onto a more conducive desk. Always rushing when she writes as if her imagination is going too fast for her pencil to follow. Well not much has changed there! I write in my spare-time but would love to write full-time because spare-time is getting rather illusive these days. But I’m never happier than when the (slightly updated) typewriter is settled on my lap/blanket/ wobbly table (really must fix that) thinking of the next chapter or moody male with no disturbances apart from my own storyline whirling around in my mind.
I tend to visualise as I write, build a picture and describe on the go, yes there’s plotting and developing but sometimes the story just erupts from the keys as I type. And really thats what I love about writing, creating a whole world from symbols and keys (again I left the rusty ones behind!) Through my many lives, as in jobs (you might have guessed I’ve tried a few different things so far!) the desire to write has never faded, not once and that’s why I decided to self publish and see how it went. With over 23000 books sales later, I realised, oh it went alright, now I need to get more prolific. I was so excited when I sold 3 books on the first day, now I’m positively brimming with optimism about future releases. I surprised myself. The journey is hard though and you learn as you go along, the first harsh review has you nearly in tears and the next few days you’re a doubting minnie gone mad, then the good ones come and your bouncing beans get restored quicker than replenishment in Primark! I’m working on my fourth book and my readers are so positively encouraging it’s not happening fast enough, but when I have a release date BCL will be the first to know. They are just brilliant, so stay connected and follow them – they have all the latest and greatest news in the wonderful world of Chicklit.
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