Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Strangely my stomach is full of nervous butterflies on the cab journey into town, my bravery beginning to wane. I’m not sure I can do it, a one-night stand. What if I end up with some weirdo who’s into real kinky stuff? This has the opposite effect and I feel strangely turned on. Knowing my luck though I’ll probably end up with a creep with a fetish for thimbles and the next thing I know he’s handing me the silver polish for his prized collection just as he introduces me to his favourites – by name!

“This is Thumbelina Thimblewick, she has lived here for thirty years on the penthouse shelf and only she can be on that shelf. Don’t touch her shelf. EVER.”

That’s it I’m turning back. What am I even thinking! I have a boyfriend at home who loves me. Yeah a boyfriend who’s sense of intimacy is closing the blinds. Is that love? These are my decadent twenties and the most decadent thing I’ve done in months is put a sugar in my coffee.
But what about the dangers, the health hazards?

“I’ll tell you what’s a health hazard, a health hazard is living in a place where empty beer cans act as soft furnishings.”

This internal battle with myself continues right up to when the cab pulls up outside 'Bubble.' One of them wins when my foot hit the pavement outside.
But which one though? You’ll have to read the rest of this tale.

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