Thursday, 31 July 2014

Susie and Flo are already inside the club. Their random text messages on the way over told me they were the other side of sensible already. Their last text said they were at the sugar booth on the right hand side of the bar. I made my way across the dance floor, dodging sweaty bodies and flaying arms but still managed to end up with my face pressed up against  some stranger’s naked chest. Shocked, I just stood there. I didn’t move, I couldn’t - bodies were pressing on all sides. I breathed in the sweaty, slightly musky smell and rubbed my face against it, nuzzling into his masculinity; this was a whole other creature to the sofa wildlife I had left slouching at home.  

‘Well, hi there.’ His deep husky voice melted into my ears.
‘Eh, hi.’ I just about managed, stepping back and looking into two smiling eyes. I couldn’t think of anything more to say. He was ridiculously handsome; dark eyes, high cheekbones, a straight, flaring nose. And his lips, full and inviting, I wanted to reach up and kiss him.
I quickly backed away, and bumped into the person behind me. Without knowing what else to do I squeezed myself onwards through the crowd, kicking myself for not being braver.

When I found Susie and Flo they were sitting with a bunch of Hooray Henry’s and swigging from their ample supply of champagne bottles. They were in the throws of a fantastically flirty night and I really didn’t want to interrupt them with my sober frustrations.
Instead I headed for the quieter bar upstairs. 

No one was in the chill lounge and the bar was unattended. I waited for about five minutes then decided to pour myself a large vodka and lime. I didn’t know what to do with myself.

‘What does a man have to do to get a drink around here?’
I looked up and it was naked chest man. He followed me up here. I was glad.
‘For you, anything you like,’ I said boldly, fluttering my eyelashes.
He smiled and walked towards me. ‘Well in that case I do have something in mind.’
Gosh! Was it that easy! I gulped back my nerves just thankful he couldn’t see my legs shaking behind the bar.
 ‘That’s good because I thought you and I could have a long slow comfortable Screw up against the wall.’ he said frankly.
‘I’ve always preferred a little of sloe comforts,’ I said flirtatiously
‘I’m game for some Southern Hospitality, if you are?’ His eyes undressing me with every syllable.
Was I game? I wondered. But what about my boyfriend back home?
Yeah…what about him? I thought. Was I going to spend my days hoping that he’ll want to do something more exciting than sit in front of the TV and the occasional quick bedroom session, bi-weekly at most? It’s obvious we don’t connect on anything anymore. And yet here was a hot, hot guy standing in front of me, just waiting for me to play.

Fuck it!

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