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Saturday, 16 February 2013

I apologise for my reoccurring tardiness:)
Happy Weekend Everyone and thanks so much for the push in Sales xxx

‘I’ve done that once in my life. ONCE!’ I exclaim.

‘I know that’s the shame of it,’ Paige says thoughtfully. ‘You’ve never had your freedom. Sowing your… ‘ she pauses, ‘well it can’t be oats for a woman, sowing your…?' 

‘It’s ok, I get the picture.’

‘I got it, scrambling your eggs!’

She starts to laugh to herself. ‘Grabble the serpent?'
I roll my eyes.
‘Or how about coaxing the snake?’

‘Oh look I’ve finished my drink. Let’s go.'

I take the empty glass out of her hand, grab our bags, and ambush her out of the door.
‘Grease the pulsating pole!’ she says, falling into another fit of giggles.
I pull her by the arm and lead her down the corridor.

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