UPDATE FRIDAY's Snippet- actually On a Friday! BOOK 3 Preview

Friday, 22 February 2013

TGI Friday. It's party-time
Book 3's "The Hangover"!

On legs of jelly I step slowly and wobbly across the room unhooking my dressing gown from the door (on the second attempt!), wrapping it tightly around my nakedness I close the door behind me quietly . 
I head to the bathroom but peeing is proving impossible. I need water, lots of water. I stare at my blurry reflection. I look even more shitty than I feel. Last night’s carefully applied make-up is now a melting pot of charcoal dust and I brush out my rats nest hair. Then I start gagging and have to hang onto the toilet seat to vomit up the poisonous sour taste of half-digested wine and tequila, there’s something floating we must have had nibbles, I mean canapés at some point in the evening.
I hate alcohol. Hate it. Never ever again!
I brush my teeth and scrub my tongue several times, but my breath still smells like booze and vomit.

Must have been some Party, stay tuned folks :)

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