Friday, 31 August 2012

July was the busiest month for book sales, August is good everyone but we need to keep breaking targets and we have a 490 meter climb to finish today if that's to happen. A few reasons to recommend or gift the book (if you are purchasing from .com).
1) Makes HAPPY HAPPY all around.
2) Disillusion fly out of writers mind so she can concentrate of Book 3.
4) If growth continues, writer gives up rat race and write more because she can buy bread & WINE!
5) Share what you like yourself and giggle.
6) Has anyone got a 600 member strong book-club that's meeting next week, if so pls choose me xxx
7) We have 1 Day to beat July... Busy fingers please

Both versions have improved so GO GO GO, spread the news, (PLEASE) download while they're still cheaper than Mango's xxx Make AUGUST the biggest month then I can seriously let the butterflies in my stomach free xxxx

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