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Thursday, 2 August 2012

After so many kind e-mails, reviews and comments from all you lovely, wonderful people. A number of you have asked to be informed when the 3rd. book (with a few familiar characters that you love or love to loathe!) will be out. So here goes, mail me your e-mails or become followers of the blog- a mailing list is being compiled just for you. The eventual launch is so important to break into amazons ranks (BIG TIME) and without your group effort I would never be where I am today.

But to consolidate to the top we need to work together and that I'm certain you gals & guys are experts at. You've proven you are, your loyalty and generosity astounds me.
Just through e-mailing some of you (back and forth) I've been touched and amazed at how supportive you are to a newbie (haven't got proof readers til now!) author who just enjoys your enjoyment as much as you enjoy her work. You know who you all are and I've really been surprised at how responsive, alert and brilliantly bright you all are. You've made such a difference to a girl who just dreamt about this all her life xxx All my Love Nina W:) Now spam me with your details and join my list, blog, club of positivity and FUN XXX

A lot of you have questions about the new book "are we going to have some of the favourites back." Just chatting with Aby on facebook this afternoon so my reply is....Yes, there's some interesting cross overs with a new protagonist. Those Canty's get about, jet setting hunks that they are!
But it would be quite fun for me to know who's in the "Alex camp" and who's in the "Michael camp." A bit like twilight on a smaller scale (I do realise...but still have my visions of grandeur!)

Let me know who you prefer or if you like the both! Thanks so much all xxx

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