TOP 10 on Kindle - Usain Bolt-ness Required!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

I'm told when you get into the TOP # 10 on Kindle's rankings the books market themselves and blogging takes a back seat... So calling all Usian Bolt fans, it's only ca. 190 meters no sweat or bother for my sprinter readers! (You may recall the sports metaphors don't stop until that happens.)
Unless you're all enjoying the blogs then I vow to do both. My decrepit MacBook will be replaced with one that has complete cover at least, although the sellotape holding its dignity together has become a dear friend of mine!
Oh yes writers incur wear and tear on their inventory too or am I just being too heavy handed with adjectives?!  Maurice McBook is in serious need of fillers. Then I can safely write wherever I am and keep you all up-to-date on what boogles my mind on a day to day basis---which is pretty much everything, so no shortage of material there or for the books! Plus you'll get more books if I can give up the rat race and they'll be proof read before they go up;)
Come now it's the deal of the century. Join the cause fellow book lovers and jump on board with all your marketing, recommendation finesse and sassy might. BOOK 3 NEEDS YOUR HELP NOW xxx

Now I know shades of shady stuff sells more than 1 a minute and sales of various items have sky rocketed, so I assure you Mr Blahnik and wine sellers everywhere your sells will also follow the same trend; that includes; Harry Winston; DVF; Mui Mui; Chloe and Marlene get on with it and fight your corner don't let SOG eclipse the frenzy. I'm the maker of trends;)
(yes the last bits tongue in cheek)
BTW Vivienne Westwood I'd love a custom designed VaVaVoom dress.
Is that's what's called an appeal? I hope so xxx have a great evening everyone :)

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