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Friday, 1 June 2012

The Teams Morning Trade Meeting:
UK Team...Take five million bank holidays and shower yourselves in Cristal-WOW your are AMAZING... You are better than Madmen, Mad women and loopy pet pooches.
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    • USA Team...Performance looking very good but can you rival the UK?  I know your territory is larger, more competitive and you have Hollywood but you did jump the biggest rank in history yesterday, BRAVO you are the Olympic Gold medalists in the 10.000+ rank meter sprint xxx

    • GERMANY TEAM... The race is afoot, everyone likes the underdog better betting odds lets see wirklich ins Rennen bekommen !  DANKE   Wir wissen Ihre Effizienz und Elan wird der Rest der Welt herausfordern.

Now the rest of the Euro zone is lacking (I'm not trying to be topical here;) but it is only € 0.89
and we can all reach Sarkozy's pockets!!! maybe we don't want to delve into Berlusconi's but they've both got time on their hands now. Spain stop drinking Sangria and get onboard!!! 

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