Complacent after England's Win against Sweden? U.S.A. gaining fast, seeking the Gold, watch-out UK!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Good Morning All you wonderful beings :*)  The Morning Sales meeting is upon us, the weathers holding, things are looking good. Americans have been busy last night, hmmmmmmm think Olympic fever is upon them.  Sniffing at the winners podium, that gold within reach. Best Sellers Rank: #18,208 Paid in Kindle Store  M.U.O.Manolo's
Also with Fighting Love! Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #50,864 
Something to watch out little Britain? Or do you think you can show them how the 100m is really done?

M.U.O.Manolo's: Bestsellers Rank: #528 Paid in Kindle Store
#28 in Books > Fiction > Women Writers & Fiction
    • FIGHTING LOVE: Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #7,672 Paid in Kindle Store 

  • This makes interesting reading for a Monday morning energy spurt. 

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