Running. Well about that...

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

So what I thought was cramp in my calf was actually a torn Soleus muscle and I've not been able to run. The last time I ran was 6th September, 2016. It's been 4 weeks and while I am seeing a Physio (a marathon runner himself) and he has assured me that I will be running again it doesn't stop me worrying. What if he's wrong? What if it never heals? What if I reinjure all over again? 

It's the reason I haven't set up my Just Giving page for Get Kids Going! They provide sports grants and sports wheelchairs for disabled children and I have pledged to raise £2,000. Once I am running again, I will be able to convince myself and you that I can actually do this and I will ask you all very kindly if you will sponsor me.

In the meantime, I shall continue swimming and cycling and doing those squats and heel drops like the good patient I am.

London Marathon 2017 I have you in my sight!

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