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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Thank you very much Ali the Dragon Slayer! http://amzn.to/20zgIEG
Format: Kindle Edition
The cover of this book is so enticing .. brightly coloured & sums up the way I feel a lot of the time.
I really enjoyed the story of Eve .. she is slightly OCD about her lists,
on paper it seems her life is going according to plan but in reality there are so many hurdles,
mostly self inflicted that she needs to climb.

She comes from a crazy family, has some loyal friends, annoying work colleagues & debatable 
taste in men until she realises in order to improve her life she has to take control of her own
future & pursue her happiness.

Boyfriend Adam a trainee doctor & part-time cyclist was a pompous idiot & I could only hope
Eve would see sense. Her visits to Gudren are hilarious (therapist) & the inclusion of Jake in her life gave a promising twist.

A mix including, romance, humour, embarrassment, friendships & work scenarios all go to make this a fun quirky read.
 Grab a pen, write a list & enjoy!

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