Male Cologne Ads - A turn on or turn off?

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

I'm not one for men's cologne TV commercials, seeing a man with an inch-perfect sculptured body stepping out of the ocean with a smouldering stare just seems a little ridiculous to me. I have no problem reading or even writing about a decent set of pecs but ask me to look at one and I find myself rolling my eyes and cringing.

Within the context of a book there's a relationship between characters, a build up of sexual chemistry, the romance of the story. In a lot of cologne ads I've seen gracing the TV screen they appear to feature a good-looking fella with his shirt off, preening about in front of the camera, smouldering and saying to the world look how ripped my body is. I spent three hours in the gym and there's nothing between my ears. The ads are shallow and narcissistic.

I'm sure this can't be the case of all cologne ads.  For the sake of the blog and to get over my aversion to men's cologne ads I have done a little research.

This is an old Lynx ad but it does such a clever way of telling a story.

Um, I don't know why, but I laugh when he flings his arms up like that.

Ok, I think I have underestimated the cologne ad. Camille Rowe + Robert + Led Zepplin + Dior = sexy romantic story

LOL. This is brilliant.  Old Spice / The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.

Humour will get me every time. I have found my leading man and he doesn't have ripped muscles.

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