Saturday, 9 August 2014

Part 5 

I took in his beautiful physique for a second, his wide shoulders, his long muscled legs, his pumped arms, and a stomach so toned you could bounce a lorry load of peanuts off it, let alone a peanut. 
Without knowing what I intended I jumped up on the bar and crossed my legs. An image of Kim Basinger in nine and a half weeks flittered through my mind. I must be sexy, alluring and desirable. I then uncrossed them and spread them just enough to make a small opening in my dress. It was my debut, the turnaround of my fading sexuality… perhaps not faded that would suggest it had begun and flourished, and that definitely wasn’t the case, but the night is young, and so am I. 
Without a beat he stepped towards me. His hands then draped across the taut fabric of my dress. I sighed in sheer pleasure as he ran his fingers sexily up and down the outside; each time he reached my bare knee they lingered, teasing on the edge of my dress hem, I squirmed with excitement. He moved them up my inner thigh, squeezing and caressing me so expertly that my lower body melted. Taking hold of the hem, he pulled it higher, and I helped by wiggling along. With my dress bunched up to my waist he stared in open appreciation at the sight of me, rosy and swollen in my crotchless knickers.
‘You are beautiful, you know that?’ he said.
I couldn’t respond because his mouth covered my pussy, taking me by surprise. The feel of his tongue felt like nothing I had ever experience. He expertly licked and sucked in wide generous circles, covering the entire area. I spread my legs even further, wanting more of it, more of his mouth.. 
I moaned with pleasure as his circles intensified, and greedily grinded myself against his hot tongue, he groaned with appreciation as he sank his tongue deeper. I couldn’t keep the scream of delight inside any longer and felt myself coming. I could feel it in the pit of my belly, a fire had been stoked and I was about to burst into flames. I bucked into him, and his hot tongue continued to expertly play my clitoris like a harpist trilling in the Royal Albert hall, flicking and licking and tipping me over the edge. I was overloaded with sensation. He was sensational. The orgasm was something I couldn’t put into words…
‘Oh my God,’ I eventually gasped, my eyes fluttering open.

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