Sunday, 17 August 2014

I find myself wanting to laugh, a disbelieving hysteria bubbling up from inside, my body still reverberating in the aftermath of my first real orgasm. My brain struggling to believe that I could actually feel this good.  So this is what an earth shattering climax feels like – good to know! 
I ought to frame these knickers for sheer flipping good luck!
I look up and find him watching me, a big gorgeous grin on his face. My stomach does a somersault. 
‘Hi, I’m Luke,’ he drawls. 
‘May,’ I say, demurely.
His brow quirks up. ‘May!' He breaths my name against my lips and I can taste my sex on him. 'May  I?’ he asks, but not actually wait for a response. Our tongues meet in a flurry of lust, both needing to own each movement. I can feel his erection pressing against me and my pussy throbs for more. My fingers reach for his zipper, fumbling a little as I touch him, so big and hard… Oh my. I jump down from the bar and run my hand down pulling at his zipper. His eyes are intense and eager. I pull down his trousers and boxers at the same time, freeing his rigid cock in my hand…Oh my, oh my!

He hands me a foil packet and I rip the rubbery condom open and roll it down over his cock, undaunted by it size. I want to feel it in my mouth. I reach up and bring my whole mouth around him, feeling all of him. So much of him! I glide my tongue down the shaft, teasing him with sucks and kisses, when I hear his breath quicken I push my mouth up and down… up and down, sucking as much as I can. He grips my shoulder moaning loudly.
‘Stop,’ he growls. I look up, my lips still locked around his cock.
‘I want your pussy on it now.’ His breath is hoarse and ragged his stare intent and burning. I let him pull me to my feet and lift me onto the counter, my legs part eagerly awaiting his big, hard cock inside me. I scream with the initial pain of something that enormous inside me. God, this feels so good. I hold on tight as he pumps me hard. The rhythm is so good, we are both grunting and panting wildly.
‘THIS IS fucking,’ I want to shout at the top of my lungs. We are fucking and it feels so damn good. His hands are on my waist lifting me up, pulling me down as he thrusts up inside me in long jerking strokes then teases me gently when he feels the pool emerging, he shudders, we both nearly come.
The pace quickens, each thrust getting deeper. I feel him hit the back of me again and again. My eyes roll back into my head so far that I can barely see. I feel like I’m sitting in water, the constant flow of pleasure. We both gasp, as the contact is fuller, my clit rubbing against his groin. Oh it’s magnificent who needs lube if you’re getting done right! And then I spasm, orgasm after orgasm, the intensity of the moment is immense. My orgasm’s go on like a waterfall as he kisses my breasts frantically, we moan and moan until I’m shouting out OH MY FUCKING GOD as I feel him try and control. I bite his ear and say in wonting ecstasy, ‘Do you want to come in me?’ With that our verge is broken and aaahhhh he pumps slowly in and our climax is met. ‘Fuck me.’ Says the oh so satisfied man of the night.
‘I did,’ I say with my last breath.
‘We should do this again?’ he says.
‘You want to?’ I say.
‘Hell yeah.
‘That would be a yes.’
‘Maybe we could start with dinner?’
‘Or we could skip straight to dessert.’ He kisses my face all over and we laugh as our hands get busy all over again!

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