Saturday, 2 August 2014

Standing on one leg I reached up and took the bottle of southern comfort and sloe gin from the shelf behind me, my mini-dress riding up my thighs treating him to a glimpse of my naughty knickers, a lacy trimmed crotchless pair along with dark blonde bush. When I turned back round he had his hand on his crotch, blatantly stroking his cock in his trousers. I rearranged the shock look on my face and gave him a come-hither smile.  His lack of self-consciousness while he played with himself was so hot, so horny my eyes were hungry to watch more. His lips curved into a smile but he didn’t speak.

I turned back to the bottles and located the vodka and Galliano. I reached for the bottles stretching my legs further exposing more of what lay pressed and swollen against the rim of those naughty panties.
‘Here let me get that.’ I hadn’t heard him approach but suddenly he was right behind me, his body pressing against mine as he took the bottles from the shelf, his lips brushing against the nape of my neck. My heart began to pound with excitement. He slid his hand down my back and across my ass then stepped away.
It was quite impossibly for me to concentrate after that but somehow I managed to pour, shake and fill up two glasses as if by magic; my student days working behind the bar were coming in useful. Just as well because I really couldn’t remember how I did it.
‘Very professional, ’ he languished a look so sexy I thought I would melt on the spot.
Two long slow comfortable screws across a wall coming up,’ I purred.
He drank it in one gulp then put the empty glass back on the table.
‘I think we can do better than that.’

............ to be continued

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