Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Most of you have been with me since I first published in 2011 and you've seen some atrocious reviews purely based on pitfalls a new writer suffers; editing; grammar; formatting. In traditional publishing there's editors growing out the walls, when you're a newbie it's at the end of your own fingertips and personal budget (yikes), I mean you can't exactly give yourself an advance.

To be brutally honest when you've finished 70-90,000 words and gone through editing it 10-20 times one does not see the tree's amongst the woods or the wood amongst the landscape, the landscape surrounded by cloudy weather and quite literally not the weather from a cheerful weather balloon floating up into the stratosphere.

Thats why you should use professional services if you can, it will take the heartache out.
They know all about it:)

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