Friday, 14 February 2014

Right I've got nothing to loose, after these potent Cosmo's not even my dignity!
Sally and Henry are my wingmen in the corner (always be safe girls) and here goes. A well dressed (I must say (must be) younger gentlemen) is standing at the bar alone looking around wide eyed... yet confidently nervous - I was right it's umbrella Darcy. A man of contradiction I like it already. OK I'm peering through the crowd, haven't quite produced all my dutch courage but hey a girl has to burp off some Olives and Macademia's before she lands;)
WISH ME LUCK - GOOD GOD I NEED IT AFTER 2013!!! One has arrived SOHO nightlife xxx
Better check Panda eyes for Mascara smudges... little tipsy I must admit.

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