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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

It's tough when you first start out, no one knows you, how are people going to find out about your book? After a year writing should you put it on for free? Build up a following. Well there is no easy answer, most people write because it's what they want to do full time so it's not easy giving everything away without seeing some tiny reward. But a good way is to do competitions, that way you feel involved with your readers and hopefully generate a little buzz around your novel. You know that novel that took tears, your sleep, sweat, caffeine, all of your social life, and cheap nasty wine because you can't afford anything else because your book went up for free! Bit of a chicken and Egg conundrum.
One thing is, keep at it and do what you feel is right, if it's meant to be you'll be rewarded somehow:)
I have now been up since 4am, is that a smlog? Stupid O'clock Morning Start + Blogging.
Did warn you I might do this splice theme all day...

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