Have a Dickens of a Christmas at F&M

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Tiny Tim would appreciate a few more sells here:) Yes I'm referring to myself as Tiny Tim sad yet true!
Isn't this just quintessentially British, day dreaming over dullard data again...
Please Guv'nor no more spreadsheets!
I dream of a land where all I do is 100 % writing stopping for a lush lunch of course;) Today's cup-a-soup just didn't cut the mustard.... in the words of classic Bros, "When will I, will I be famously published? Can you answer, can you answer that?"
"When will I get my books on Regent Street?"
'I won't answer I won't answer that!"
Shit, that song's gonna be in my head all afternoon now. Better sneak into the stationary cupboard and eat biscuits to keep my sanity buzzed in.

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