Shameless Self Promoting - the basics!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

I've never understood the "pinlig-ness" (as my Danish friends would say) problem of being a self promoter, yes sometimes your trumpet has got a bit of a turnip stuck in it, yes it's embarrassing when you can't hit a note or read the flipping music in the first place.
As for the self published author, it's the only way- and not to Essex or Rome! 
A bit of self belief is still so terribly un-English, but those small successes hit you like a tsunami wave so you have to surf it while it's still frothing so to speak, far outweighing that shameless PR machine you inevitably become- like it or not!   When you've given up your wee hours and all weekends to write your first novel and its taken over a year, you tend to spin off and surf it all over the web.
SO thanks all and thanks for dropping by here, whatever way you've got here. xxx

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