Friday's Snippet - Blind Date Antics

Friday, 6 September 2013

Any of this sound familiar Ladies? If you're having a blind date tonight at least get a comical rise out of it if all seems lost!
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Just then the door to the restaurant swings open and a rain soaked man with wide shoulders of a smart black coat enters.  I instantly hide behind my glass of wine if you can hide behind a glass of wine that is.  The man shrugs out of his coat to reveal a black jumper, a lavender shirt peeking out the top and flat-front black trousers that look like they were tailored for him.  The man pulls his hands from his pockets and moves toward me.  He walks from his hips, all long and lean, with a purpose to each step.
I take a nervous gulp of wine.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.  A part of me expected him to be small, portly and balding don’t ask me why.
I catch the waitress’ eye and she gives me the thumbs up.
I smile.  ‘Brett?’  My voice has a wistful hopeful tone to it.
He smiles and I’m bowled over.  What a first impression.
‘Harry?’  It comes out a bit squeaky.  Bless he must be as nervous as I am.
I smile prettily at him. ‘The one and only?’
He holds out his hand and I take it.  His grip is strong, which I like and he has seriously sexy hands, big with an artisan square-ness about them, the fingertips smooth and manicured.
‘Sorry I'm late.  There was an accident on the road and I couldn’t get a signal,’ he says pulling up a chair.
I stare at him in shock.  His voice is high-pitched and squeaky and doesn’t match his otherwise ravishingly hot physique.  Think David Beckham or James Blunt and you get the picture (everyone would do Beckham if he was mute in the process!)  I didn’t realise I was so shallow now I know I am. ‘That’s ok.’ I mumble.
He looks straight at me, his gaze is appreciative.
The waitress, I never caught her name comes to our table.
‘Can I get you anything to drink sir?’
He picks up the wine menu, ‘I’ll have a...on second thoughts…’ he slaps it back on the table.  ‘I’ll have a Manhatten.  Harry would you like another? 
‘Another sauvignon please.’
I’m looking at her face and I can see a similar shock register across her face as she takes his order.  I catch her eyes and have a childish urge to giggle but ever the professional she smiles sweetly.  ‘Right away.’
Taking a leaf out of her book I rein in my impulse to laugh.  Now I know why Marissa didn’t want me to speak to him on the phone.  I could kill her.
 ‘So how do you and Tim know each other?’ 
‘We play squash together but we know each other from business.’
‘What is it you do?’
‘I’m a Hedge fund manager but you’re job is so much more interesting.  I have to say you don’t look a stuntwoman.’
‘What were you expecting?’
‘Built like an Eastern European shot putter.’  
I laugh.  This date might not be so bad after all. ‘And you still agreed to meet me?’
‘Glutton for punishment.’

With our food ordered and conversation flowing I find myself relaxing into the evening. Brett and I have quite a bit in common, he listens intently too, and he’s a bit of a comedian, his voice becomes less of an issue as the evening progresses.  He also insists on picking up the bill (at least one archaic tradition I’m happy to accept).  So it seems only fitting that we have a bit of a snog in the car park and he’s is every bit as manly as I hoped.
I like that his lips are soft and wet, teasing a heated response deep in the pit of my stomach, it’s been a while.
‘Mmm you taste good,’ he says, nibbling on my ear. 
My hands slip deep inside his coat and I feel his hard muscles bunch as I slide my hands up and down his chest and stomach then move them around to the middle of his back. 
‘Oh yeah. This feels good.’
I rise onto the balls of my feet and push closer biting his lips together, willing him to stop talking. Against my lower abdomen I can feel every inch of how much he likes me. 
His hands snake around my waist pulling me closer.  ‘Tiger.’
Oh God, I groan.  Please don’t ruin this by talking, it’s likes making out with a spaced out porn smurf, he mistakes my groan for pleasure.
‘Mmmm you are turning me on.’ 
And your talking is turning me off.  I silence him with another kiss but the voice is a passion killer.  I don’t mind a bit of talking but not when it sounds like Micky Mouse on helium!  

5.0 out of 5 stars Another great story 14 Jun 2012
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Another great story from Nina Whyle. Relaxing read, exactly what ladies need on holidays or long rainy days. I hope there is more books to come!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Fighting love 28 July 2013
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Loved the first book so bought this one, loved this one so bought the third book, I haven't read the third yet but I'm sure it will be just as good as the rest!
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Enjoyed this book, its a nice easy read and not too long! Ideal for me while I am sitting outside school waiting for the bell to go when I can grab 5 mins here and there. Trouble was I wanted half an hour to carry on reading!!!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Hillarious book 6 May 2013
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Very funny read. I was that happy with the book that I bought the other books (of the series) as well.
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I loved this book. Easy going ana really good read. Would make a nice holiday read when sat on the beach.

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