No.1 IDIOT - The worldwide consensus is in - CLIMATE is GLOBAL you ignoramus!

Friday, 2 June 2017

Makes me wonder what kind of people voted for "that orange thing"?
An Orange thing who has no grasp on reality, he hasn't got a grasp on reading so how can he make decisions on a global level, oh yeah he hears a soundbite from TV and just does the opposite because of.... attention, is he 2? I don't like anything Obama did, meh meh meh cofevhi.

I mean how is it possible that no actual tangible sensible thought pinballs through that thick skull? Is it made of Nonsense? Mush? Narcissistic constant twitter feed? Powered by COAL? Even the ball is trying to find it's way out of the tightly meshed Labrador hair net. Melania Trump you know what you have to do... go on for the world's survival. We'd respect you, and you would soon have friends, no permission needed. We've all made mistakes, yours is so easily rectifiable, his isn't.

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