Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Our hearts go out to everyone who's been affected by the senseless, barbaric, and moronic acts of evil. It's been a very tearful few months.

There is no way to understand this depraved, mad ideology of hate.

Wish we could stick those individuals with the worst ideology since Hitler into a massive barrel and push them off the face of the earth. I'd happily make them a paper train of virgins to colour in on the way out... crayons included, wouldn't want them to get confused with the technicalities of pens in zero gravity.
Run this way - all extremists welcome 
'The monumentally stupid' 

Western civilisation stands for freedom, democracy, equality, human rights, human decency and good people, because good will always win. People made worthy sacrifices for those causes, for the greater good of all citizens of the world.

ONE LOVE MANCHESTER - Ariana Grande made the lights shine again for all those children. She was wonderful. The very cute little girl in the choir made us all melt. That is humanity.

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