Running. Week 20

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Took my new Brooks trainers for a run this morning and of course it stands to reason that my calf muscle gets crippled with a muscle cramp and I am forced to stop at 4.61km. I then had to hobble all the way home.

 And yet, I've been doing so well with my running. Managed 16km (10 miles) three times over August but it's like September is saying, "Oi Oi, let's not get too cocky." I have no idea why I got cramp this morning or how to prevent getting cramp in the future. I guess I will have to see what Google says. I've also have a niggling left knee cap, which started in September so perhaps it is time to ease off a little, do a few shorter runs before aiming for another 10 mile run.

Because the 10 miles runs aren't easy and running for 2 hours still feels unnatural (thank goodness for music shuffle). But I'm doing it and I running further than I ever thought possible 20 weeks ago. I should make 'No Pain, No Gain" my motto from now on.

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