Wednesday, 28 September 2016

We were generously invited to give a talk at Slough's writers club evening, a very active and lively group which has been congregating for over 40 years on a Monday. And what a great way to spend a Monday evening, surrounded with lovely, interesting, enthusiastic people from all walks of life who also love to write - from plays and poems to manuscripts and novels.
Terry who's a comedy writer, and sometimes creates jokes for a ventriloquist really got my mind ticking. I thought that was funny in itself, do you write for the puppet or the person?
Their group tasks do sound like a lot of fun. So drop in and join up if you're in the area.

Thank you all at Slough's writers for making 50% of N.Whyle feel so welcome, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it made me realise how lucky Nina and I are in our partnership, especially when Mr Kibble asked 'who gets dibs on the first line of the book?'
We've never actually thought about it like that, must be why we work so well together!
With... Special thanks to Mike and Terry who instigated the whole 90 minutes of my ramblings :)

If you want to sponsor something very worthwhile and have fun while you're about it, they are trying to save the Burnham Library, have a look and book book book... a little bird tells me the food was good too. We need our libraries, don't let them disappear. E-books are great but the sanctuary of a library is irreplaceable.

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