Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Granted there's a lot more fuss surrounding international Women's day, and I tend to agree with Ricky Gervais - but you have to remember women have been fighting for equal rights for centuries, putting their lives on the line to just vote So yeah, we love you men people persons, but you've always had the power, we're climbing with the wrong shoes on, as usual!

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 In the western hemisphere we're fighting for equal pay, or being judged by our boobs rather than our brains and the frightening aspect is, now many young women are reverting back to the hooker look and trashing the last two centuries of women fighting against being treated like objects, like property! It's lovely to be beautiful but do yourselves a favour ladies and get out of the gutter. Ladies are just that, ladies! By jove show some hair too!

You don't have to parade in a thong to write music and you certainly don't have to make a sex tape to make it in Hollywood. Money is not all important, don't let it become so. Dignify yourself and rise above what is being demolished in our current social media world, it fuels human trafficking. Women are not objects, they are people just like men. Progression is equality, regression is what you see on TV and cheap gossip magazines.

Take a moment for those women around the world who still do not even have the right over their own bodies or lives. We're so privileged to have an education, to be able to have square meals and one more thing, the most prevalent of all, we have CHOICE. You have choice, please don't degrade it by getting your boobs done so you can take a selfie with over-pumped lips, this has nothing to do with femininity. Pride is being yourself. Bravery doesn't come from a GGG cup size.

In other words, don't drag the women's movement back to the stone age girls! You know where those regimes are operating, buy a ticket? Hmmm... not so nice, not clever. Do something for a woman today who needs opportunity, or just a belief to do better.

We are all beautiful and we don't need a male plastic surgeon to make us!
On a lighter note...
Love Nigella! She eats.

...& don't get me started on Kardashians... 

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