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5.0 out of 5 stars
on May 8, 2015
Easy, light reading, funny... enjoyed it while on a plane!

on May 3,
I love a bit of Hollywood glamour when I’m in need of an injection of escapism and Moving Up On Manolos delivered just that.

Jane Allen has escaped a controlling relationship but it’s left her fearful and low on self-esteem.
Having given up on her acting dreams, her now famous friend and Hollywood’s top totty Alex Canty’s invite 
to Hollywood seems like a daunting prospect. But her flatmate bullies her into a makeover and before she knows
 it she’s on the flight across the Atlantic. Met by Alex’s exceedingly handsome but moody cousin Michael, 
Jane’s journey of self-discovery has only just begun. And it’s a journey across a very rich, opulent and celebrity populated terrain.

This is the sort of novel that makes you want to shout in triumph every time Jane squishes one of her demons. 
Nina Whyle is incredibly insightful about the damage a controlling relationship can do but when Jane starts grabbing
life by the horns and things start going her way, you can’t help but feel smug.

A perfect summery read for those who feel they have lost their way. Read it and believe: life can be whatever you want it to be.

Review by Nikki Mason on behalf of
on January 12
Great for reading while at the beach.
Fun, light, humorous.
A no brainer for summer time reading while lounging around.
I started reading this and didn't realise that MANOLOS was not some mysterious romeo.
But better late than never to get my head around the characters and start cheering them on to wards their final goal.
The descriptions of some of the nasty characters were becoming real the more I read this story,
 there is one character who I could really see him flitting around in his brilliant pink catsuit.
Enjoy a laugh along with the cast and crew of this book I know I did.
Love Pam T
on August 23,
I was really excited to read this book because the description sounded so cute. 
It was a little different than what I expected:)
on July 6, 2013
I loved this book,it made me feel that you never let anyone take advantage of you and to never give up on LOVE!! 
Nina is a wonderful writer,everything flowed so smoothly. Thank you for a wonderful romantic story.

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