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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

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      on 27 June 
      I cannot rate this book highly enough. I am an avid chick lit reader and love Paige Toon and Lindsey Kelk etc.
      The main character Jane is instantly likeable and the authors style is brilliant and I cannot wait to read more books by her. 

      However I wish there was a sequel to this one.
      FAB BOOK - sad its finished
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      on 4 July 
      "Moving up on Manolos" is a really enjoyable romantic read - the characters are engaging and believable, and the story was pacey
      and kept you interested. I found that I really liked Jane as a character, and Michael was intriguing and mysterious
       (as a good male lead should be!). I am a sucker for a happy ending - so this ticked all my boxes!
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      on 2 March 
      I've just finished this book after finally getting round to it having bought it back when it was released. I'm kicking myself for
      leaving it so long!
      It's up there with the best modern women's fiction I have ever read, Marian Keyes and Sophie Kinsella need to watch their

      You are instantly drawn into Jane's roller coaster world and the plot is totally believable too. Jane is the every woman and 

      relating to the character is easy and fun.
      I will be starting Nina's next book, Fighting Love, ASAP in the hope that there is an update on Jane within it. If not Nina, 

      I will be demanding a sequel for Jane "Keeping up with the Choo's" or something?!
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      on 9 November
      Just finished MOVING UP ON MANOLOS and had to write a quick review to recommend it, it was such a good read. 
      We can all relate and be envious of the main character as she jets of to Los Angeles and leads the high life for a while. 
      It was a real page turner and I couldn't wait to find out what would happen next as she gets caught up in all the glitz 
      and glamour of Hollywood. Its the perfect holiday read or for those long tube journeys, 
      I hope there are more books on the way!
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      on 19 September 
      I loved this book! In fact so much so that I had all my book club members read it too.
      The characters are strong, personable and believeable.
      The storyline had me turning my Kindle pages at speed!
      A must read, am looking forward to a sequel...
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      on 25 October 
      Passion, desire, love, confidence, self-steem, motivation, ambition....I relate to the main character and all those intense feelings! 
      This book made me missed my train twice in 10 days while sitting on the platform. It is that good!
      on 4 May
      I love a bit of Hollywood glamour when I’m in need of an injection of escapism and Moving Up On Manolos delivered just that.
      Jane Allen has escaped a controlling relationship but it’s left her fearful and low on self-esteem. 

      Having given up on her acting dreams, her now famous friend and Hollywood’s top totty Alex Canty’s invite to Hollywood
      seems like a daunting prospect. But her flatmate bullies her into a makeover and before she knows it she’s on the flight
       across the Atlantic. Met by Alex’s exceedingly handsome but moody cousin Michael, Jane’s journey of self-discovery has
       only just begun. And it’s a journey across a very rich, opulent and celebrity populated terrain.
      This is the sort of novel that makes you want to shout in triumph every time Jane squishes one of her demons. 

      Nina Whyle is incredibly insightful about the damage a controlling relationship can do but when 
      Jane starts grabbing life by the horns and things start going her way, you can’t help but feel smug.
      A perfect summery read for those who feel they have lost their way. Read it and believe: life can be whatever you want it to be.

      Review by Nikki Mason on behalf of BestChickLit.com
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      on 19 September 
      I have admired this author's work for a long time and was dying to see where MOVING UP ON MANOLOS would take me.
      I wasn't disappointed... It transported me into a fun, engaging world of love, lust, unfulfilled ambition and then some very
      satisfying resolutions. This is high class escapist fiction with serious undertones and great humour. Read it!
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      on 14 June 
      This story would make a great romantic movie. Loved it! I can't wait to read more books from Nina Whyle.

      on 6 August 
      I read this after reading 'fighting love'. it really didn't matter but if you can read this first. Again it does what it says on the tin, 
      a Romantic Comedy. Jane gets more breaks up the ladder of success and meets not one but two gorgeous men.

      on 20 June 
      This lovely funny endearing first book from Nina Whyle proves she is going to be a winner and contender in the romlit league.
       I laughed so much the dialogue is just brilliant. Can we have a sequel please.
      on 11 September 
      A great book, pure escapism. A real feel good romantic drama packed glamour and glitz, loved Nina's wicked sense of humour.
       An ideal holiday read or an escape from a grey and cold winter's day.
      on 29 May
      Really enjoyed this book, fab value for the money! Lovely story, I couldn't put it down.... only downside was the ended wrapped
       it all up a little to quickly!!! I wanted more story haha!!!
      on 27 September 
      I was impressed by the level of research and the rich characters , this book is a woman's transformation
      from doormat to star!
      Loved it.
      on 29 January 
      This is a nice rom com, nothing too taxing and a very easy an enjoyable read, would recommend it to anyone 
      on 8 September 
      I loved this book it made me laugh out loud so many times. The characters were fun ,it was a bit of escapism. Well worth the read.

      on 7 January 
      Real good 'feel good' book. Liked the storyline and a good read especially if led by the pool. A recommend for chick-lit fans.

      on 25 March 
      funny witty romantic story great bargain read on the kindle, will definitely be on the look out for more from this author
      on 12 January 
      I would definitely recommend this to my family and friends
      Easy read - very enjoyable can't wait for the next one.
      on 27 April 
      Love Love Love it. A really nice story & well written. Would recommend this book to friends.
      A great holiday read.
      on 3 December 
      Loved this story, really funny and entertaining. I couldn't put it down. Would like to read more from this author.
      I loved this book it was an easy read it was funny and a very nice romantic book would recommend to a friend.
      I read this book while on holidays and enjoyed it a lot 👏! Fantastic for a super girly time, & rest!
      on 9 May 
      Great feel good book x x x x x d xxx x x x x x xxx x x xxx
      on 5 August 2015
      Good holiday novel

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