Sunday, 15 February 2015

Any gathering of intellect, hint of fun, holiday or celebration? Jealous and confused are we? You small minded f***wits. Can't find anything to enjoy or celebrate?
 What is it with these miserable excuses of humans? Are you so dull, so feebly minded you can't entertain your own thoughts? You follow the madness of the most ill informed dark cave dwellers with terrible personal hygiene and a look that quite frankly would make a Wolf Eel bolt and bubble "really? you choose that?" No wonder you didn't have a date yesterday!

How would that dating ad run?
Looking for brain dead partner
Must enjoy unfounded bigotry, male supremacy and humiliation
Enjoy non sensical beliefs
Actually scrap the first word in the above sentence... not enjoy anything
No sense of smell is a must
Really detest Cartoons apart from Tom and Jerry
Contact me on... oh in 000fictional-virgin-heaven

The original cave dwellers (our ancestors) had more finesse, they had art and created, you make neanderthals look like great Greek philosophers on route to the moon. 

Look at the world, go on, take a minute... it's moved on... Wow I'm a woman with a voice, ground breaking stuff and expressing an opinion.
Take up knitting or something, try and make, improve, create instead of destroying life.  
BALANCE IT OUT... they are drawings... and people chatting over coffee. Scandinavians are amongst the most peace loving open minded people on earth. Ooo scary stuff. 
Love you Copenhagen xxx
"Jeg tror på københavn måde"

Don't use religion as an excuse.

As ever South Park's social commentary is a winner :)

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