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5.0 out of 5 stars Frivolous fun filled Book8 Jun 2013
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This review is from: When Life Goes Pop! (A chick lit novel about love, sex, and friendship) (Kindle Edition)
All the ingredients for a perfect bit of chick lit; romance, tragedy, comedy with a dash of glitz & glamour. Ideal holiday reading or an escape from a grey winter's day. Loved my first Nina Whyle book, I will definitely be reading her other two books.

I wander up the stairs of the duplex, drop my bags onto the bed and go into the kitchen. I pull open the fridge and open that bottle of Chablis Piers had been saving.
Half a bottle later I ascend to the attic room in search of the little suitcase. I’m sure I put it up here. It’s the only thing I had when I moved into halls of residence and it hasn’t had much airing since: a couple of trips to Cornwall and one to Ibiza and that’s about it. Not well travelled, me; could never find the money when everyone was discovering their inner sanctum – getting stoned in Goa, more like.
Paige and Victoria did South America. Quite studious about the whole thing until Paige hit Brazil and Victoria hit the bottle. Paige found plenty of amusement on the beach in the form of thonged, six-pack-styled men, leaving Victoria to fret and worry until she became accustomed to tequila with their landlord. She still can’t even look at a bottle without feeling sick.
I spent that summer with the Young Conservative party. I basically just tagged along holding Piers’s papers. I suppose I found his drive attractive until I discovered that’s all he had the drive for. I thought maybe we could sauce party politics up with a bit of rumpy-pumpy, but ‘No, darling, not tonight, I have to edit my speech.’ Fuck, if ever there was a man middle-aged before his time.
I stare into space for a few minutes when I hear the front door crashing shut.
Honestly, it’s like living with an elephant.
I hurry to dust myself down while descending the half-runged ladder; most of them broke when I carried Pier’s political books up there – out of sight out of mind was the theory behind that spring clean.
I pelt into the bathroom and a wall of cold air hits me. I shut the window and lock the bathroom door, slumping down heavily onto the toilet seat. My whole body is shivering from cold and dread. This is seriously not good for my health. I can’t hide in here for ever.

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