Friday, 15 November 2013

What were the odds!
He is huddled in a doorway looking at his iPhone, making derisive snorting sounds. His baseball cap is pulled down over his face but I know it’s definitely him. It’s as if my body has some kind of built-in antennae alerting me of his presence. If only it alerted me minutes earlier I would have gone another way. I probably still can, he hasn’t seen me yet. I could cross the road and dart up the alley... but what if he sees me? Then he would know I was avoiding him and I don’t want that. Drat. Not knowing what to do, I just stand there. This is not good because if I want to avoid being detected I need to act now. But my legs have locked together and aren’t budging. Then last night’s erotic dream furiously suffocates any practical escape plans circling in my head and a sizzling wave of heated embarrassment flows through my body and up to my cheeks.
I tell myself over and over again that Alex Canty is as ill suited as they come and needs to be avoided at all cost. The next time I get involved with a man there has to be some sort of future in it. Even if it was only a few months of guaranteed dinner dates and obligatory phone calls, well at least once a week nothing too clingy. With someone like Alex you would never know if you were just called in as temporary maintenance in the lull times whilst his busy carousel of overlapping women gets oiled and fully operational again. Quite plainly a booty call scenario at best, a bit cheap really.
So what would be the point?
Sex is starting to engulf all my thoughts.
Overrated! I retaliate against my wandering, dirty mind.
Not if it’s done right. 


  1. I would like to know when your new book is being launched? Many thanks. ;)

    1. Hopefully first quarter of 2014 Jess :)



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