I do love to be beside the seaside

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Bavaria one week then Camber Sands, England the next.  No holiday in ages then 2 come along at once.  I'm in London this month for a wedding and to see a play,   'A Round-heeled Woman' at the Riverside Studio, Hammersmith. Directed and adapted for the stage by the brilliant Jane Prowse, (which she tells me will be transferring to the West End after its 8 weeks run at Hammersmith).  Jane Prowse is a TV director, screenwriter and the author of the Hattori Hachi series about a teen ninjutsu warrior.  A MUST READ.  I've also booked a West End show, 'Legally Blonde' ... I'm so excited.  My friend and I have arranged to meet in Liberty and I'm already getting butterflies thinking about  my favourite store in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD.  I could happily wile away the rest of my days in Liberty.  Something tells me my bank balance won't be looking too healthy after this particular trip. 

Camber Sands is beautiful, a sandy beach that stretches for miles and miles, large dunes that give your legs a good work out but it was Dungeness that made a lasting impression on me.  It doesn't even look like England, all marshland with a scattering of beach huts and a Nuclear Power station hovering over it like some menacing sea creature. The fish & chips at The Brittania Inn were tasty though.

N.B.  Incidentally Camber Sands doubled for the Sahara Desert in the film "Carry on Follow That Camel".   There's where Jane in Moving Up On Manolos gets her annoying trait for facts


  1. My goodness, Nina, you've been busy!

  2. My batteries are now fully charged thanks to the Nuclear Power station. x



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