The Little Yellow Book's Adventures - Part 3

Friday, 4 August 2017

The Little Yellow Book had a busy day
                                                        So wandered down all the stairs.

By the last step Chapter 1 was really Thirsty...

'A pretty little cocktail with a yellow primrose would suit me now,' the Little Yellow Book thought to itself. And then to it's delight.... 'how delicious, they read my mind and some pages. All these flowers just for me'? The Little Yellow Book fluttered it's pages. I love this place and all the pretty things.

A luxury menu - Divine
The Little Yellow Book was tired all the way up to Chapter 9, what an exciting day. All to do now was to order some squashiness.
It was then Chapter 10 woke up and took out the new manuscript....
 'Shaken not stirred,' bellowed Book 5 clambering to get out of the bag, 'you can't go to sleep now we haven't got an agent for me yet'!

But The Little Yellow Book fell fast asleep as Book 5 went on the rampage.
Book 5 went "Danny Torrence"
Found a tricycle and peddled back like Trump's press team.

The first manuscript (Bk5) said
'Show my the way to the next Whiskey Bar, don't ask why.'

Book 5 edited itself that night!

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