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Monday, 3 April 2017

We get asked the question more than you might think. How on earth do you write a book together?
Easy, get the Batman and Robin stuff (right) out the way first.
"You wear the green, yellow, red outfit today"
"No, why? I'm wearing the black, blue, grey gear - to suit my mood"
"Your pallor is more yellow today"
"Oh alright then. I'm wearing the black tomorrow though"
"You're much better with yellow than I am."
"Yellow is difficult to pull off 100% of the time. Let's swap mid month. "

Sometimes it is natural process, sometimes a work in progress -  we were very lucky, ours evolved out of the same desire to be writers. Our dedication was equal and we never really gave it much thought at the beginning, we just wanted to write a book and for people to enjoy them.

If you think you're inherently superior than your partner then the partnership is never going to work. If you have a bubbling little mutual admiration society going on between yourselves, entertain one another, enthuse one another, and listen well - that's the key to writing together. 

The cornerstone of writer's doubts bob along with a daily mantra of, Is it any good? Does that bit work? Is it funny? Will the audience like the characters? The speed at which those are squashed or not as the case may be has a quick turnaround rate, if you have a good writing partner. 
If you can take the criticism.
"You wear the green pants so well"
"I do, don't I. Really rather fond of them now"

The other vital key is Ego (or lack of it), if you are too precious about your writing you'll never move past the first sentence, chapter or edit, agreeing on anything will be such a hard slog and spoil the flow. You are both in control, become borg-like and move as one. You may feel it's the best line that day, but it may read like a crashed jalopy in a cowpat. Let it go, look at the page, come up with something better.

We do look like this though. I wear the beard better!

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