Thursday, 23 March 2017

A truly dark day in London, devastatingly horrific and unacceptable actions from Evil. Think about the people this has affected, the lives it's taken, images ingrained on school children (who are far more mature than you are).
Let our Mayor do his job - he's been elected with no help from the Russians.
And what do we get from America's 1st family?
Do they not know any difference of people?
Muslims aren't terrorists
Extremists are
Evil people are 
All evil people are not Muslims
Didn't you understand logic at school?

Perhaps browse through your own family album and pick out the racist.... you know for fun.
Racists are evil 
Please contact me for intellectual instruction, or ask a grown up to explain the wider world.
Sadiq Kahn made a factual comment, in a measured fashion, something you might learn from.
The Mayor is not a terrorist
The Mayor is Muslim
See how that logic stuff works? Hope the colours help you understand.
His dandruff's IQ is higher than your whole families!
Compassion, humanity is what's required - NOT YOU
Don't mistake a world forum (btw where most of us think you are all idiots) as a playground for arm wrestling. Take a punch and run away to Daddy? YOU total privileged IGNORAMUS.
Apple do something worthy and invent a 'TRUMP commentary filter APP' for the rest of the world. Or Google, can you not block them? They sicken us.
We respect Sadiq Kahn, and go figure we're not even Muslims!  Have your tiny brains exploded yet?

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