Have a word with yourself America - TRUMP? FFS that's madder than... ANYTHING!

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

If you condone bigotry, racism, sexism and fascism.  Utter ignorance bordering on criminality with his consistent abuse of woman - you've got the perfect revolting president.
Regularly and offensive bouts of sheer lunacy has nothing to do with democracy, progress and a better world.

His best buddy that lovable hug pot Putin loves to keep his own people (and whatever country he deems his) in the dark ages... seems Donald's only pledge is to also follow the demented, corrupt thinly disguised dictator. You cannot turn back time, but Trump may have promised that in a policy, oh that's right no one has heard his policies only his disturbing rhetoric.
How can you vote for someone who doesn't even have policies or even a loose explanation on how to implement them?

So you voted for -
A wall
A road
A bridge

Why didn't you just call a construction company? Has America lost all it's phone numbers?

And as a woman if you voted for him, that is truly shameful.

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