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Thursday, 30 June 2016

  • Hello GREAT BRITAIN, THE WORLD & more poignantly, lovely EUROPE,

    Clare and I want to have a chin wag with last weeks topsy turvy turn of events… oops.

    We are PROUD to be British with our mixed up heritage derived from lands across Europe - a little variety makes a great partnership! Keeps it fresh to have difference backgrounds. We are European by default, all of us in Europe have our quirky ways - that's far more interesting than being homogenous. 

    G.B is a nation that celebrates all people and all cultures across the Globe. No doubt if the Aliens came and landed in England they'd know more about obsessional tea brewing than our policy making by the time they scooted back into hyperspace. They'd show us a worm hole and in turn we'd ask about the weather and if tea was an intergalactic beverage; then stuff our pockets with teabags for the journey with a hip flask hidden from sight! 

    We are a nation of immigrants, eccentrics and most importantly, diversity - and the better for it. There is no room for those televised bigots they cherry pick for sensualist news headlines. They do not represent us in Europe or the world. We love you all.  We are terrible at languages but all for your entertainment; those accents cause great screen play to be written - Mr Peter Sellers... the pickings are self explanotory to citizens of the world.

    We are the TEA-DRINKERS, warm beer swillers, WINE drinkers, the queuers, the weather watchers and the Sunday Roast Makers. The curry nights and the benders, the PIMMS in the rain and the G&T's, the pomp and peculiar. 

    What would we do without the French - c'est chic. Champagne, Hermes, Chanel, the list is endless. The whole area of Bordeaux in particular;) You're incredibly talented Chefs who live in GB... nom nom - merci beaucoup.

    ITALIAN EVERYTHING. J'adore Italy. Just want to make that clear.

    Germany - some of the best times of our lives happened in Germany. Love it all. Berlin too cool for words. Not enough time in the blog.

    Chin up. Grab a tipple and lets look to the future however it unfolds.  Lets muddle through as ever.

    Generally we love the world and all who sail round her, but especially Canada at the moment. (book bias!)

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