Thursday, 8 January 2015

Brings back spooky memories when ‘Jyllandsposten’ (Danish newspaper) published their cartoons in 2005. Sent a certain minority mad, burnt down Danish Embassies, boycotted Danish goods... I travelled on the metro, which was a target across the square from their HQ and worked less than 100m from their head offices. Puts a chill up your spine everyday.

Danes aren’t equipped for terrorist, and they don’t censor freedom of speech. It defeats the purpose somewhat!

Just shows... why be in a religion that has no bloody sense of humour at all and the only enjoyment is posthumous (no guarantees there). Bit of a gamble for a livelong siege on anything vaguely enjoyable! They should join the puritans of mid-America, least there might be some virgins left! Every other religion doesn’t have a mardi gras over little jibes drawn by a cartoonist. Thank goodness communists are just bent on world domination like old bond villains. The Dandy I mean macho macho 'I'm not gay' Putin’s had his nose knocked out of joint (ruble on free fall) and so has fatty Kim Young Un after ‘The Interview’ was screened anyway.

South park writer Matt Stone is a stinking jew!

If you must believe in fictional beings and powers, join a religion with a sense of humour. Look how many good comics are Irish!

Nothing is above scrutiny and freedom to comment. If you’re so touchy about your own beliefs something stinks in the state of Denmark right there! Like a child vehemently denying they didn’t take the freshly baked biscuit.  Could be a new tactic right there, put out cooling cookies for Jihadists at all soft targets and see if they deny taking one, then cut off their hands - it’s their own sharia law!

Extremists pass heinous comments on everybody else? Hmmm - they need to learn how to play fairly on the playing field. 

Do something useful with your time, create, enjoy and accept differences. Oooo what's that you can't do anything else but destruction? Go to school, read and open your minds and clear up your own mess.
Really??? you're threatened by school children, bit flaky your beliefs then!

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