Thursday, 5 June 2014

I'm falling in love with these lasses faster than Burton did with Taylor... What a lovely review xxx

What we say – review by Charlotte Foreman:
Fighting Love is what I would class as a weekend read, which roughly translates to: read this at a time when you are not busy as you won’t get anything else done until you’ve turned the last page. I hoovered this up within a couple of hours and found it hugely enjoyable.
Initially I was pretty certain I wouldn’t warm to Harry (Harriet) but after the first chapter I’d done a U-turn and was sold. She’s a no-nonsense woman; hard as a bed of nails on the outside but soon discovers she’s as mushy on the inside as everyone else, much to her horror! Alex, Harry’s love interest, is a fairly straightforward character; you more or less know what’s going in his head without him saying it, thanks to some excellent writing from Nina Whyle, and he’s a real charmer to boot.
The whole thing is one big will they, won’t they scenario, with some spectacular one-liners thrown in. Download and enjoy for what this book is: a laidback, relaxing romcom that will plaster a smile all over your face and keep you addicted.



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