Thursday, 5 June 2014

That is the modest number of book sales I need to make the magic number of
23K!  It's been a long, hard and amazingly exciting labour of Love (on more levels than a multi storey!)
Will I become the full time writer yet? Tinkering away at the keys daily? Throwing odd biscuits down to the yappers whilst feathers flow around my outrageous decorated pink shoes. Hmmm I hope and I dream...
That's a spreadsheet I didn't mind looking at today:)
Thanks to all of you doing mini or massive promo's for me, without you I couldn't continue xxx
The best ones are when you frap your friend's phones during cocktails and download those 3 little books;) Ms Whiteman... You sassy London girls.
Lets make it a Girls summer read fest... share on... friends of NW xxx Lurve ya

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