Monday, 17 March 2014

Trying to learn how to market your e-book is a minefield of scams. Of course I'd love to write full-time (but pennies pay the wifi bill and nothings left for wine!) but really I want to write not market 24/7.
In my wisdom I googled it - not having half my life to decipher the world of the eeeeeeeeeee-iiiiiiiii marketing bazaar, trying to educate myself was futile. One site I came across offered me a premium service for online exposure. My face closed in on the screen as they were veteran e-marketeers! They will show me the way. So I googled them... why on earth would I part from $108,- to a company who's book is currently on amazon ranks at more or less 2,000.000,- when my own (even on bad days) are up in the 10,000 or 000! I would like to offer that company a 218% increase in their ranking to improve their marketshare. All they have to do is send me $ 218,- !!!

WATCH THIS SPACE READERS .... something is gonna happen. The Easter Bunny is a magical creature indeed, personally I prefer an angry scot rabbit.

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