Friday, 13 December 2013

She walks away and Rupert whistles. ‘What the fuck was that all about?’
My scalp prickles with anger.
‘She’s Piers’s boss,’ I say. ‘And a total bitch.’
I turn around and stomp back to my office.
I don’t believe, ‘while I was in this area’ for a minute. My blooming foot, she was! A bank has more transparency.
I sit down and flick on my computer screen. I can’t fill my head with her ulterior motives whilst it’s brimming with all the shit that’s going on with Piers. I resent the fact she’s wasted so much of my free time already.
I click on my inbox – she can’t disturb me in here.
Running through a few emails lackadaisically I tell myself to grow a backbone. I can’t hide in here for ever, and besides, it is supposed to be my day off and if I’m going to Cannes then I might want to do some shopping of my own.
I hide for a further ten minutes and consider sneaking out the back, then tell myself I’m being ridiculous and stride with spirited boots out the front.
Maggot looks up from her coffee and waves. Well, more like a beckoning complaint, looking at her bagel overrun with cream cheese and putrid lettuce. I do appreciate Rupert, as an allied force, hiding a massive dollop in the middle. The coffee looks black too. What a little treasure. I jovially wave back and trip as I head out the door.
Damn! Nearly a clean exit! 

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