Win all 3 books - Competition Time

Saturday, 10 August 2013

It's about time I had a little competition, although this question is directed to my lovely readers. Let me know which character you relate to most, in any of my books and drop me line including the email addresses you would like to send the books to. Always top marks for honest comedy. You can gift the ones you've read to those all important friends of yours, you know the ones:

"Wingmen" That's not a sexist term (just watch TopGun and not the Hangover!)

"The Lollies of Toffee" Who always stick by you even if you melt and curdle on occasion.

"24hr Open Homes & Phone-Lines" The life support of your fast disappearing cerebral sanity, especially when a tub of chocolate on top of a litre of Vodka seems a good dietary choice at 3 am! 

Friends are people who choose to be together through thick, thin and the mildly, musty mists of life! Treasure them and show them you care.

The competition is open all week. xxx

Have fun and enjoy what the weekend has to offer:))))

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