Saturday, 6 July 2013

When Life Goes Pop
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WHEN LIFE GOES POP EXCERPT... see more on Friday's snippets.

The night is becoming much cooler, there are people drinking all around the marina over spilling from the many caf├ęs. We wander up the side streets automatically without a word, our feet in unison, the warm amber glows from the candlelit tables skipping into Bernt’s irises, setting them alight with mystery. We are in our own bubble detached from the sights and sounds surrounding us, the tension filling our space rapidly and luxuriously. I feel as if I’m in another world.
We pass a small bar, its lights are on low and the owner is stacking the chairs inside to sweep the floor.
Bernt suddenly grabs my hand and makes me stop.
His eyes explore me like a hungry wolf and my breath catches, as I realise he’s going to kiss me. His hand strokes one side of my cheek very tenderly, he leans forward and I’m melting into his touch like an ice sculpture taking a sauna. My state is liquefied.
He doesn’t kiss me, he lets his lips linger so I feel his closeness, his warm breath. His lips toy with my lips, I keep them shut so he feels his way in, forcing them open only to lick them like a serpent’s tongue withdrawing as quickly when he senses resistance. He nuzzles my skin, breathing in deeply all the time his mouth tracing my face, I feel like he’s consuming my being. His hand loosens as he stretches my neck up and he ravishes the exposed area of skin.
‘You are delicious,’ he husks, while trailing his hands down my neck towards my chest. I shiver in delight, waiting for his next touch, trying to anticipate his next move.
He toys with my mouth again as his hands fall away from my body, his mouth the only connection between us. 

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